9 Best Trending Career Options after BBA 2020

The world is too large to fit in and one can never be enough to accommodate this world.

It feels daunting but true and nothing ever done is enough. We have to strive to be magnificent and excel in every part of life.

Graduation is the part of a student’s life which is completed but as Student, we need to think if it will ever suffice.

Short term courses are not just trending in India but adding value to numerous profiles and helping one to put a step closer to one’s dream.

The economy may get disrupted, layoffs may be seen but the wave of knowledge will always strengthen as a backbone. These short term courses are industry-relevant and will give each one an edging career ahead in life.

We hereby have come up with most in-demand and trending professional courses after graduation and to pursue during your graduation journey as well.

Take a step ahead to a lucrative career and explore below-

  1. Digital Marketing Course-

The world is seeing a paradigm shift and has equipped itself for a digital transformation. Also, the governments of the country are emphasizing on the digital pathway with a mission like “Digital India”.

Any sector or industry will vanish in the next few years if they lack their presence on digital grounds. From clients to projects to now meetings are all digitalized and so the emphasis has been given to growing digital.

Since the world is on the internet, job opportunities and salaries are higher in the domain of digital marketing. This Digital Marketing course will help one to establish oneself with just basic knowledge about the Internet and good English.

Jobs Opportunity after the course

  • Blogger
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Expert
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Freelance Marketer
  • PPC Ad Expert

Salary Range- Up to 8-9 lakhs per annum

2. 2D/3D Animation

We have grown up fascinating the world of Disney and we love every bit of it. The creations were so close to us that it almost felt like they are one amongst us.  How about creating this world by yourself and exploring the beauty of it.

One with creativity, good drawing, and imagining skills can create their own world of cartoons. The courses are available both online and offline but recommended to pursue from acknowledging universities for a strong career and job placements. This industry is ever-growing and in demand and a great chance to make a hobby as a career.

Jobs after this course-

  • 2D Animator
  • 3D Animator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Motion Designer

Salary Range– From 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum

3. Kaizen Course

As cool the word sounds the cooler its meaning is. It’s a sino-Japanese word with meaning as ‘improvement’. Like we emphasize our improvement same way in the industry the approach focuses on continuous improvement of quality, efficiency, and decency at workplaces.

As management students, it’s a must-do course as it is a big part of lean business management.

It is much in buzz and in-demand course in India and abroad and will surely add value to your Resume.

Jobs after this course-

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Project Manager
  • IT Team Leader
  • Operations Manager

Salary Range– From 4 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum

4. Project Management

Whatever comes in and around the project and whatever it takes to build it up, pan it, execute it, control it and to set specific goals and to attain it, all comes under Project Management.

The skill and needs of the project management are from topnotch industry to a startup and hence opportunities are in abundance to channelize upon.

Few industries which demand it are-

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Healthcare
  • Banking & Insurance

Few certifications available in it is PMP, Six Sigma, Lean Management, Prince2, etc. All these courses can land you in a senior role in your desired industry.

Jobs after this course

  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Project Designer

Salary Range– From 4 lakhs to 14 lakhs

5. Entrepreneurship  Course

With the announcements of Modi Government about – ‘Make in India’ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ the chances are ever-growing to start and follow your passion and generate business for a living. Not each one of us is meant for the corporate setup and there are some extra-ordinary gems who have guts to establish their empire, strive for it. The course is meant for such fellows who are passionate, dreamer, and risk-taker.

These courses are available both online and offline and prefer Indian courses as it will give you an edge to start in India. It is always risky to start off our own venture, but the income levels will definitely shoot if you perform well with all ethics and standards. The sky is the only limit in entrepreneurship.

Jobs after this course-

  • Start own business
  • Become a partner in the startup
  • Be a consultant to other start-ups.

Salary Range– From 8 lakhs to your limit

6. Advanced Microsoft Office

We have been using Microsoft office for quite a long time, but having mastered these basic skills with up-gradation to advanced courses will help one to achieve the top-notch spot in the career.

For corporate professionals into Marketing, Finance it will play a prominent role and will give edge if he is equipped with advanced knowledge about Microsoft office. This course will help to give a good push to career and also enhance productivity and eventually you will be recognized effortlessly.

Jobs after this course-

  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Excel Specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Development Manager

Salary Range– From 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

7. Graphic Designing, Video Production and Editing Course

With the advancements in the tech world, the demand is ever-growing for content developers and editors and so perhaps the courses.

Since everything is digitalized and all brands are marking their presence online, the need to present the work creatively is ever increasing. So, if you are a creative person with the right skills, it is the booming sector for you. Once, you learn all the skills and courses you qualify for a well-equipped job.

Jobs after this course-

  • Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Art Director
  • Video Editor
  • Video Producer
  • Design Architect

Salary Range– From 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

8. Foreign Language Course

The saying that the world is next door is turning all true. With the development and advancements, it has become easy to connect to the world and one of the networks to connect is Language. It is always good to know English as it a well renowned and accepted language but it is always an advantage to know one foreign language.

The most trending foreign languages from the job perspective are –German, Spanish, Chinese, and French. Any of the languages can be learned as free courses and classes are available online. Also watching foreign language movies will be an advantage to excel in the global world and mark your presence.

Jobs after this course-

  • Language Instructor
  • Translator
  • Immigration or Customer Services
  • Content Writer
  • Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

Salary Range: From 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs


10 Exciting Jobs and Career Options after BBA Course

. Event Management

If you are the one responsible for all the events and parties in your acquaintance and at home, then you are the one meant for this course. It requires creativity, planning, conceptualizing, and organizing an event from political rally to weddings to house parties.

One with passion and persistence and creativity can excel in this field. It is a much in demand sector and a good way to the path of entrepreneurship. A good observer and an ever experimenting person with the help of this course can take a journey of leap and bounds.

Jobs after this course-

  • Event Planner
  • Event Manager
  • Exhibition organizer
  • Stage decorator
  • Logistics Manager

Salary Range- From 5 lakhs to the limit you set.

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